Our Story

Ponto Mountain Paper is a stationery design studio located in Duluth, Minnesota. While planning for our own wedding, we found a lack of affordable stationery that combined sustainable products and rustic designs. All of our stationery is created, printed, scored, cut and packaged by my husband and me. In a time where it's so common to outsource different parts of production, we take pride in being a part of the process from start to finish.

Ponto Mountain Paper Office















You'll also see listings for Frozen Tundra Co. apparel and goods here - that's me, too! My love for designing extends beyond the stationery world and we have expanded to apparel. I'm a snarky girl by nature so it only made sense to create attitude apparel. Juggling so much alone is impossible so I've entrusted in my amazingly talented Mom, Deb to co-own/operate Frozen Tundra Co. with me.

This is me, Ali (I generally don't do my hair so lucky you).

This is my Mom, Deb (she always does her hair so there's that).